Ingredients for the Pastiera for 12 people:


  • 1 kg pre packed frozen short pastry (if you want to make it at home click here for the recipe)

  • 700 gr ricotta cheese

  • 600 gr sugar

  • 400 gr of boiled wheat (you can easily find cans in any supermarket)

  • 80 gr crystallized citron

  • 80 gr crystallized orange

  • a dash cinnamon

  • 100 gr milk

  • 30 gr butter or lard

  • 5 eggs and 2 egg yolks

  • a spoon full of vanilla

  • a spoon of orange flavoured water

  • 1 lemon




- Let the short pastry defrost in room temperature.

- pour the wheat, the milk, the butter and 1 lemon grated peel in a casserole pan; let it cook for 10 minutes and often stir the ingredients til they become cream.

- In another pan whip the ricotta cheese, the sugar, 5 eggs, 2 egg yolks, a spoon of vanilla, a spoon of orange flavoured water, and a dash of cinnamon.

- Mix everything until the dough is very thin.Then add some grated lemon peel and diced crystallized orange and citron.

- Mix everything to the wheat. Spread either the homemade or frozen short pastry with a pin until itís Ĺ cm thick.

- Put the short pastry in a 30 cm wide pan, but make sure you spread some butter on it before.

- Cut the exceeding edges off, spread them with a pin and cut the short pastry in strips.

- Pour the mixture of the ricotta cheese and the other ingredients in the pan, and fold the borders of the short pastry inwards.

-Then put the short pastry strips on the ingredients. Dust the Pastiera with icing sugar before serving.



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